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THIS SIDE OF SALVATION (teen fiction, ages 14+)

Young adult stand-alone contemporary coming April 1, 2014. Sixteen-year-old David's parents vanish on the night they believed the Rapture would happen. While he and his sister solve the mystery of their disappearance, David relives his struggle to save his father's sanity—and his family's future—without losing his own faith.

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SHADE (teen fiction, ages 14+)

Young adult paranormal trilogy about Aura Salvatore, the first of a worldwide generation of ghost-seers, whose own boyfriend dies and becomes a ghost.

Tie-in Short Stories:

  • "Bridge" (Logan's story), now available as an ebook with bonus material
  • Zachary's e-novella, "Shattered," December 21, 2013 
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WVMP Radio - New-Adult paranormal

Contemporary fantasy series about vampire DJs and the con artist who fights for their way of un-life. Suggested reader age range: 18 and up.

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Eyes of Crow  Voice of Crow  Voice of Crow

Aspect of Crow

An adult romantic fantasy trilogy about a world where humans and animals meet in magic, where one woman's strength must conquer Death itself. Suggested reader age range: 16 and up.

Tie-in Short Stories:

Requiem for the devil book cover

Requiem for the Devil

An adult genre-busting novel about the ultimate fallen angel. Suggested reader age range: 16 and up.

Available now at Mysterious Galaxy (paperback), (paperback, Kindle, and Microsoft Reader), and Fictionwise (all electronic formats).

Jeri Smith-Ready

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Jeri Smith-Ready is a Maryland author of novels for teens and adults.

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